Paul Drauz-Brown

Audio Designer & Composer


Three redesigns of games and film, plus a clip of the sound design I did for Dreamscaper by Afterburner Studios

DREAMSCAPER : : Audio Design

Roles: Sound Design & Implementation

: Afterburner Studios

: Unreal Engine (Native audio implementation)

Team Size: ~10 Developers (Audio Team: 2 Members)

Timeline: April 2020 - July 2021

  • ​Over 1600 individual audio assets
  • 70+ unique weapons
  • 15 mob types and 6 bosses
  • Native Unreal Engine audio integration
  • Custom behaviours and parameters in blueprints
  • Animation-synced audio triggers
  • Dynamic mixing hierarchy with sidechains and ducking
  • Create a soundscape that balances the intensity and quirky nature of the game
  • Design sound effects that can punch through the dense soundtrack
  • Give each weapon and boss a different feel with it's own bespoke set of sounds

THE CONE GAME : : Audio Design

Roles: Sound Design, Music Composition, Game Design & Audio Implementation

: Darkroom Interactive

: Unreal Engine, FMOD

Team Size: 6 Developers

Timeline: January 2020 - Present

  • Built using Unreal Engine.
  • Advanced FMOD integration with custom source-centric reverb system.
  • Custom occlusion system and parameters using blueprints.
  • Interactive original soundtrack.
  • Tempo synced stingers with tight gameplay integration.
  • Deep and dynamic audio state system.
  • Highly optimised, with per-actor voice limiting & distance culling.
  • Create a fun and tactile experience.
  • Create a highly responsive and gameplay-driven music system.
  • Implement advanced audio spatialisation.
  • Design audio and systems for network compatibility.

SNAP HUNT : : Audio Design

Roles: Audio Design, Music Composition, Audio Implementation, Game Concept Design, Documentation, Promotional Material & Pitching.

: Darkroom Interactive

: Unreal Engine, Wwise, Wwise Premium Plugins

Team Size: 6 Developers

Timeline: November 2018 - September 2019

  • Original sound effects and reactive musical score.
  • Geometry-based audio reflections using Wwise's premium reflect and convolution plugins.
  • Efficient audio emitters with parametrised player interactions.
  • Extensive blueprint scripting, including a deep state system for flexible music and mix controls.
  • Audio Optimisation and dynamic voice limiting.
  • Create highly reactive soundscape which could be used to inform and even disorient players if desired.
  • Build narrative and a unique aesthetic into the audio design though creative choices and implementation.
  • Incorporate advanced spatialization techniques using Wwise.
  • Implement efficient networked audio.

SURGE: An Expressive Granular Synthesizer : : MaxMSP

  • A custom granular synthesizer developed in Max MSP, currently being redesigned for full release.
  • Inspired by concepts found in chaos theory, such as "strange attractors", the Surge engine uses an interactive boids particle system to control its parameters.
  • The goal of the project was to make granular synthesis more intuitive and expressive, while retaining its vast sound-sculpting power.
  • At Abertay's 2017 Graduation Showcase, Surge was granted the "Most Innovative Audio Design" award by Krotos Audio.
  • An interview about Surge can be found on the Krotos website HERE.

SOUL CITY : : Steam Audio

  • An audio redesign of Unreal Engine's "Soul City" level using the Steam Audio spatial audio toolset.
  • Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) to enhance sound source localisation.
  • Geometry-based audio reflections.
  • Material-based frequency dependant audio source reflection and transmission.
  • Custom blueprints to trigger dynamic gameplay events and emitters.


  • 16 step Sequencer.
  • EQ, Insert and Send Effects.
  • Wavetable Synthesizer featuring Waveshaping, Glide and Effects.
  • Assignable LFO.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Sample Triggering.
  • Editable Presets.