I am a cone...

...but I don't feel alone.

Masquerading as a traffic cone, players aim to complete platforming challenges and find hard-to reach spots. Placing your cone down allows other players to see it, challenging them to reach it and write a message announcing their victory - or just whatever's on their mind.

The Cone Game

The Cone Game

Darkroom Games


Sound Design, Music Composition, Audio Integration, Game Design

Key Features

  • ​Built using Unreal Engine.
  • Advanced FMOD and Resonance Audio integration.
  • Custom occlusion system and parameters using blueprints.
  • Interactive original soundtrack.
  • Tempo synced stingers with tight gameplay integration.
  • Deep and dynamic audio state system.
  • Highly optimised, with per-actor voice limiting & distance culling. 


  • Create a fun and tactile experience.
  • Create a highly responsive and gameplay-driven music system.
  • Implement advanced audio spatialisation.
  • Allow for networked audio.
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Audio Design Showcase

Features Overview

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